Gentlemen in Hollywood-land


Americans are so passionate about sports, I think there’s a huge potential for cricket to take off.

– Sachin Tendulkar, known by a select few in the USA as an “Indian legend of a game called cricket”.

The Cricket All Stars needs no introduction. In fact, the first of its three exhibition matches starts on the 7th of November, 2015 in the Citi Field, New York City. This Tendulkar-Warne brainchild, according to some, will be tremendous boost for American cricket. But can it really be that game-changer. Let’s look at the pros and the cons.


  • Expatriate Presence – The United States of America has a huge expat population, particularly from South Asia — people who are mad about the game. They can act as a catalyst in bringing their beloved game to their American friends
  • Sporting Culture in the US – The USA produces some great athletes and there generally is a great competition in the Olympics between the US and China. So the may like to embrace a new sport particularly something where national representation is certainly not the greatest problem.
  • Format of the Game – The general perspective of an American about cricket is that, it is a sport where players toil for five days to produce a draw. The All Stars matches will be T20 matches, thus enabling spectators to enjoy some blitzkrieg action. It would help to mold the American perspective about cricket not being able to produce entertaining matches (though at the end, it depends upon the players)
  • Sponsors – The Cricket All Stars have managed to get sponsorships from global giants like Citi, Uber, MasterCard, and Pepsi. Their own economic giants would sponsoring a virtually unknown sport will effect the thinking of our American counterparts of the human race.



  • Quality of Cricket – The players in the Cricket All Stars are all past their primes. Thinking that Lara would cut in his typical graceful fashion or Warne would spin it a mile, would not be the wisest thing to do. The players are, on an average, above 40 and thus will not produce the magic we probably expect from them. This may lead to the spectators having adverse impressions about the sport.
  • Lack of Advertisement – The Cricket All Stars, according to many, has not been advertised well. No billboards advertising the event has been put up, neither has their been much interaction with the Americans from the players’ (especially Warne and Tendulkar’s) part. And the decision to host the event has been a trifle too hurried, with official announcement coming only a month before the event.

Thus as a cricket fan, all I want is good cricket being played which should have a positive effect on the audience. Wishing Sachin and Warne the best of luck for their venture!

Matches at:-   Citi Field (New York), Dodger Park (Los Angeles), Minute Maid Park (Houston)

First match starts at 4:00 PM GMT 

Official website-


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