9 places to be reading cricket in on the Internet

Cricket reading is now not limited to the Wisden Almanack any more (I don’t know when it was, I’m only trying to sound wise). Reading cricket has become a great lot easier with the advent of the internet (do I sound like a 60-year-old of the early 2000s?). So here I list the 9 best places on the internet where you’d want to read about cricket (apart from I Got Cricked obviously)

ESPNcricinfo homepage screenshot
  1. ESPNcricinfo The kings. The masters. The know-it-all-guy. Almost monopolised the trade of cricket publishing. You’ll find EVERYTHING related to cricket here. From stats to match reports to player profiles, you name it. The best thing is that they also cover Associate and Domestic matches. There is also an ESPNcricinfo app for iOS, Windows Phone, and Android
  2. ICC Being the administrators (not really), it is quite expected, actually, for ICC to have a good website. The site covers all areas and also has a beautiful, state-of-the-art UI, merging together to give a really good experience. App available for iOS and Android.
  3. Cricket Australia A really unbiased website compared to the websites of other boards. A great set of journalists/writers provide quality insight and deep reports. This is the one website to continuously look out for. App available for iOS and Android.
  4. BLACKCAPS I really like this website. It has got proper stuff with a good interface. App available on iOS, Windows Phone (thank you!), and Android.
  5. Firstpost Actually a page for articles of all sports, but being an Indian outlet, is much inclined to cricket publishing. A nice set of journalists do their job well.
  6. The Full Toss A really great blog which is updated regularly. Quality articles, you can also expect your articles to be featured on this one. Also has a pleasing-on-the-eye UI.
  7. Twitter Unexpected, but this is actually a great place to hear some quality opinions provided you follow the correct accounts. And with the 140 characters limitation, the opinions are generally catchy too. I recommend this account.
  8. BBC Good website. Not much to say actually.
  9. BCCI Not good. Only including this because 9 sounds better than 8. Also they’ve got a .tv domain, which says it all really.

Cricket is not limited to these handful of websites. There are thousands of others waiting to be published on I Got Cricked (not really, but who cares?). So if you have any suggestions feel free to contact me on the comments section or on my twitter account. Till then, happy reading!


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