Apologies, Ahem!


Hello all! Seems like I haven’t written for a long time — in fact, the last time I wrote, holding a UK citizenship entitled you to an European passport (probably) and David Cameron lived at 10 Downing Street. Also arthropods, molluscs and other members in the realm of life have, it is said, undergone considerable evolution. In fact, if one were to make a journey to the time the last post was published and make a comparative study of then and modern times, an evident distinction would be noted. Men have remarked that the then Empress of India Queen Victoria heartily enjoyed reading my post — although I cannot vouch for the historical accuracy of the fact. In my opinion, Queen Victoria does (did) not like the IPL, and even if she does, ESPN Cricinfo would be, I feel, more like stuff she reads (read).

Anyway, my readership is hardly comparable to Cricinfo’s and I’m sure inconvenience has been caused to none in the course of my absence. The fact is that I have been busy, as far as it is possible for a modern teen to be. In saying that  I haven’t had time even for proper tweets, I am not misdirecting my readers. The moment the Gods decided to make this mysterious land my home, I knew hardships could not be far away. Imagine the pressure of being expected to stand out among 400,000. You sort of get the idea. Still, who cares?

However, golden days are around the corner. Frequent posts will soon be the order of the day. I Got Cricked will soon face the data traffic as faced by the website selling $4 mobile phones. Till then, rally ’round!



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